VisualBasic.NET is getting quietly retired, sorta of

A few weeks ago Microsoft announced they will stop new development on VisualBasic.NET:

Microsoft Plots the End of Visual Basic
Source: Thurrott

Microsoft said this week that it will support Visual Basic on .NET 5.0 but will no longer add new features or evolve the language.

“Starting with .NET 5, Visual Basic will support Class Library, Console, Windows Forms, WPF, Worker Service, [and] ASP.NET Core Web API … to provide a good path forward for the existing VB customer who want [sic] to migrate their applications to .NET Core,” the .NET team wrote in a post to the Microsoft DevBlogs. “Going forward, we do not plan to evolve Visual Basic as a language … The future of Visual Basic … will focus on stability, the application types listed above, and compatibility between the .NET Core and .NET Framework versions of Visual Basic.”

VisualBasic.NET will only have basic support in the newer open source .NET Core platform that Microsoft is moving too,

MMBasic – Micro Controller Basic Ported to Multiple Platforms

I came across this version of BASIC for a conversation about the C16, a 16-bit of the Commodore 64. From the home page:

MMBasic is a free and open BASIC interpreter for 32 bit microcontrollers.

It includes floating point numbers, extensive string handling, multi dimensional arrays and structured programming features like do loops, multiline if statements, user defined subroutines and functions.

MMBasic is generally backwards compatible with Microsoft's MBASIC and implements much of the ANSI Standard for Full BASIC (X3.113-1987).

If you want to download the compiled version click here.