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ASCII and Emoji Code Websites

I prefer the websites below for looking up ASCII code’s when I’m programming. Sometime I need to send a character code in a stream. Emoji’s are great for making your communications friendlier and to the point.

ASCII Codes: https://theasciicode.com.ar/
Emoji’s: https://emojipedia.org/

Bonus: Some websites I use for graphical icons when both fall short:

Make a Dollar Tree Doll into a Poseable Doll

I have an art request and lately I’ve been having trouble getting thr proportions of some of the drawings right. I’ve ordered a couple of poseable dolls on AliExpress but I’ve getting at the end of my of the shipping cycle and they haven’t arrived yet.

So I went searching and found this tutorial to turn a cheap dollar store doll into a poseable doll. I’ll update this post after I make it this afternoon.